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Lawyers Who Effectively Move Your Real Estate Development Deal to Fruition in Connecticut

Rely on land use and zoning legal advice from attorneys with substantial real estate development experience and expertise

The land use and zoning attorneys at Collins Hannafin, P.C. combine decades of experience with up-to-the-minute knowledge of applicable federal, state and municipal laws and regulations to provide our clients with the most current legal advice relating to new construction or renovation projects in Connecticut. We represent large national developers and local first-time developers in residential and commercial real estate projects.

We know what you need to take your project from concept to final approval

Our attorneys possess the requisite knowledge to advise commercial real estate project development applicants during all stages of the project application. Because we also represent real estate planning boards, the attorneys at Collins Hannafin understand all aspects of the transaction and offer comprehensive and effective legal services regarding:

  • Planning and zoning laws
  • Environmental regulations
  • Board approval processes

After getting the deal done for our real estate developer clients, we also defend their interests in any subsequent related litigation, such as eminent domain disputes and appeals of decisions made by local planning and zoning authorities.

How do I get a building permit for a commercial real estate project?

Collins Hannafin’s attorneys have extensive experience assessing construction plans to obtain information and determine whether your project may encounter challenges from the applicable municipal planning and zoning authority. We also help you calculate the amount of any bond the municipality requires to issue the construction site permit by considering the following questions:

  • How many structures exist on the property and what are their uses?
  • What type of construction activity is going to take place?
  • Is the property in a wetland or watershed area?
  • Does the construction site comprise an area greater than 1 acre of impervious surface?

Zoning laws and non-confirming use affect your commercial property and project

Our law firm can also advise you about legal issues other than those pertaining to new constructions. When zoning laws change, a commercial structure or use may be deemed non-confirming, which means it does not comply with the zoning regulations in effect. Although non-conforming structures or uses are lawfully permitted to continue, they are not allowed to:

  • Change into another non-conforming use
  • Extend or expand the applicable structure or use

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Contact experienced Danbury, CT real estate development attorneys

Whether your commercial development project is in the beginning stages of due diligence or obstacles prevent it from moving forward, consider hiring Collins Hannafin, P.C. to provide you with knowledge and dependable advice. Call us at 203-885-1938 or send us a message online to learn more.


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