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Trust and Estate Administration by a Danbury Law Firm Established in 1963

Assisting clients in Fairfield and Litchfield counties

While we handle the issues associated with the initial stages of organizing an individual’s assets and liabilities to minimize problems after his or her death, Collins Hannafin, P.C. also provides estate administration and litigation services to fiduciaries and beneficiaries during settlement of estates.

Trusts and estate administration simplified

After the decedent has passed, he or she leaves assets for distribution and liabilities to be satisfied. A personal representative, in the form of an executor or administrator, must settle the estate while complying with the terms of the will, if any, and with federal and Connecticut probate laws. Our attorneys can assist the estate executor or administrator in:

  • Probating a will
  • Determining and initiating procedures with the probate court in the proper county
  • Working with out-of-state counsel to initiate ancillary probate in all other states where a decedent owned property
  • Properly notifying creditors, beneficiaries and heirs
  • Filing requisite federal and state tax returns
  • Satisfying creditors’ claims
  • Distributing property
  • Fulfilling requirements to close the probate estate

In creating a trust, the grantor gives the trustee a fiduciary duty to carry out the terms of the trust. A trust may be created during the life of the grantor or upon his or her death through a will or other testamentary document. Collins Hannafin’s estate attorneys advise trust beneficiaries, trustees and grantors regarding the creation of a trust, transfer of property from the grantor to the trust and distribution of trust income to the proper trust beneficiaries.

Contested wills, trusts and probate litigation

Parties other than personal representatives who have an interest in the trust or estate include beneficiaries, heirs, trustees and other fiduciaries. The Danbury lawyers at Collins Hannafin also represent parties who were left out and seek to enforce their interests in an estate during the administration phase or in subsequent litigation. Challenges to the validity of a testamentary document include:

  • Lack of legal capacity by the testator
  • Exertion of undue influence on the testator
  • Fraudulent documents
  • Removal of trustee, executor or administrator

Inquire today about litigation and settlement of probate and estate disputes

If you have an interest in real or personal property located in Connecticut subject to estate administration or probate, contact us online or by phone at 203-885-1938 to discuss your options. Our legal team serves Danbury, Ridgefield, New Milford, Bethel and surrounding areas.


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