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Real Estate Lawyers in Greater Danbury Focus on Your Residential Property Needs

Representing buyers and sellers of residential real estate throughout Connecticut

Whether you have experience in buying and selling houses or are purchasing your first home, obtaining legal advice from a seasoned real estate attorney can help you avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls. At Collins Hannafin, P.C., our team of real estate lawyers has extensive experience negotiating sales, drafting agreements and resolving residential property disputes.

Have you conducted enough due diligence on the property?

The purchase and sale of a residence and of commercial real estate involves multiple parties: the buyer, the seller, one or more financing institutions, brokers and local government agencies. Each of these controls a different part of the transaction, so if one fails, the others fall out of line. By relying on Collins Hannafin’s real estate attorneys, who know what to expect from each side of the transaction, you remove the element of surprise that exists when you go through it alone in:

  • Preparing the sale agreement
  • Resolving issues with property title
  • Eliminating pending liens on the property

Our attorneys guide you through the closing process

After agreeing on all terms, the buyer and seller come together to celebrate the closing of the transaction. In preparing to close on a residential property, our real estate attorneys answer all your questions, whether you are a buyer or seller. First-time buyers, especially, may ask:

  • Where does the closing take place? It is typically held at the buyer’s attorney’s or lender’s office.
  • What form of payment does the buyer use to pay closing expenses? Buyers tender payment of the balance due to the seller by bank wire, bank treasurer’s check, certified check or cashier’s check. It is the seller’s responsibility to furnish the buyer with the correct mortgagor information for issuance of correct mortgage payoff documents, including the amount to satisfy the seller’s mortgage in full.
  • Who records the documents after the closing? The buyer’s attorney records the deed of title and any new mortgage lien documentation. In addition, the buyer’s attorney pays any utilities bills due, while the seller’s attorney handles the payoff of the mortgage and real estate commissions.

When it’s time to close on your home in Connecticut, call our attorneys for a smooth transaction

Consider hiring Collins Hannafin, P.C. to represent you in the sale or purchase of your home. Call us at 203-885-1938 or send us a message online to speak with someone in our office and learn more about how our real estate practice can help you. Our office is conveniently located in Danbury.


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