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Divorce Mediation

We represent you in divorce mediation with focus and consideration

Divorce mediation is a constructive dialogue between divorcing spouses that is overseen by an impartial third party who facilitates discussion and negotiation. A mediator’s primary role is keeping the parties focused on important issues, identifying possible settlement terms and helping the parties weigh advantages and disadvantages of each option.

If you are interested in settling a divorce through mediation or need legal counsel while entering into divorce mediation, schedule an appointment to discuss your case. Eva M. DeFranco, is a certified, trained mediator who has mediated hundreds of cases to a successful outcome.

Advantages of divorce mediation

If you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse or partner are on relatively good terms, mediation can be a cost-effective way of settling your divorce. Some of the advantages associated with divorce mediation include:

  • In general, mediation costs less
  • Mediation can be quicker
  • Mediation allows you to determine the terms of your divorce settlement
  • Parties can determine how to divide their marital assets and marital debt
  • Greater flexibility in determining child custody and parenting time schedules
  • Mediation keeps couples on track and forward thinking
  • It is completely private
  • It fosters good communication post divorce
  • You direct the process
  • It helps with co-parenting post divorce

Divorce mediation – putting you in charge

Divorce mediation involves a series of joint meetings with the parties and the mediator. Here, important financial matters pertaining to bank accounts, retirement funds, investments, and debt will be discussed, as well as any issues regarding children, health matters or other non-financial concerns. The mediator then explains the available options for resolving these issues and structuring a divorce settlement. Afterwards, the spouses meet face to face in order to work through any issues and openly discuss the options presented by the mediator.

In the end, mediation puts both parties in charge of their own fate. Rather than have a judge impose divorce settlement terms that neither party finds satisfactory, mediation allows parties to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. As an experienced divorce mediator, Attorney DeFranco understands how to keep parties focused on what is most important while avoiding emotional and personal issues that can potentially derail negotiations.

Civil unions and same-sex marriages

For gay and lesbian couples, the dissolution of a civil union or same-sex marriage may raise a number of legal issues that require unique solutions. Mediation presents an alternative to traditional divorce litigation that may, in some cases, be better suited to resolving specific issues arising from civil unions and same-sex marriage. Our lawyers can effectively guide same-sex partners through the mediation process and fully explain their options for resolving unique and complex issues.

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Our family law attorney practicing in the area of divorce mediation is Eva M. DeFranco.


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